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My human explained to me that today is America’s birthday. America is where I live now. I moved with the humans and half-brothers a little less than a year ago.

My human had been talking about me, her and the others moving to America for quite some time before. She was very excited. I didn’t understand at the time. She had also told me before that I would go to Ireland too but I never went. Milou didn’t like Ireland (that story is for another post) so I don’t really care. But America is great: I have a huge garden with little live animals to observe. And also the catnip plant is starting to smell like catnip (another post too)! Fresh catnip! Very nice. Of course I have to live with my half-brothers who never play with me but that’s okay. Also I miss my human’s mom sometimes (T’was fun to play “treat or bite” with her!). But I like America.

So since it is America’s birthday today, and it is my first time in America, I asked my human to take a couple of pics of me with an American flag.

I want to wish America a special, HAPPY BIRTHDAY with lots of purrs!


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