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[Still not sure what VBP is? Check here.]

We have not told you yet (I think) but this little project, initiated by Jet and her Mom, was started several months ago. The humans’ lives being what they are, they sometimes got in the way and hampered (VBP) its realization. But everything comes in time, and in the meantime, we have discovered that several other bloggers have a keen (VBP) interest in words.

So today, I thought I would present to all of you a potpourri (VBP) of those we have discovered.

Austin @(CAT)achresis with Dr. Austin Tuxedo’s Word of the Day at the end of each post. Dr. Austin sure knows how to play with words!

Liousha & Tiki @Liousha & Tiki and Graffiti, Zingara & Romeo @La Voix aux Chats-Pitres with Charabia (check here and here) give us French kitty vocabulary lessons!

Saffy, Cosmo, and Phoebe, and their human Angie @Catladyland with Fanglish, or the “the underground feline code of lingo known as Fanglish.”

Nerissa @Nerissa’s Life with My Personal A to Z Challenge (here is the latest post in the series)

I am perplexed (VBP). I think my human is forgetting some bloggers…

If you happen to be regularly playing with words and expressions on your bloggie and you are not on the list, we might either have missed you or the human has forgotten to include you. Leave me a message and I will do a sequel (VBP) next week!

Happy VBP everyone!

And now, please check this past week’s pawticipants:

Easy @EasyRider

Easy @EasyRider

Da Tabbies @da tabbies o trout towne

Da Tabbies @da tabbies o trout towne

Penelope @The Cat from Hell

Penelope @The Cat from Hell

@Dogs N Pawz

@Dogs N Pawz

Gizmo @Terrier Torrent

Gizmo @Terrier Torrent

Ann @Pawsitively Pets

Ann @Pawsitively Pets

Kirby @Kirbys Dawg Blog

Kirby @Kirbys Dawg Blog

Loy @ Yikes! Loy Turns 60

Loy @ Yikes! Loy Turns 60

Austin @(CAT)achresis

Austin @(CAT)achresis

Savvy @Savannah's Paw Tracks

Savvy @Savannah’s Paw Tracks

Texas @Texas, a cat in NY

Texas @Texas, a cat in NY

Here is the linkie for next week, to enter the link to your post (permalink).

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Today I conclude my thanks for the great prezzies we received the past year thanks to Zee & Zoey (check here and here).

We received a Lickety Stick, Salmon flavor. Of course, Milou and Kitshka loved it! They wouldn’t stop! Me? Hmmm, I have to say, not really. But Milou and Kitshka had no problem making up for me!

On the other hand, we all liked the World’s Best Cat Litter, which also came with a scooper and… a bag!!! A BAG!!!

Bags. The bestest human invention. After boxes.

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This morning, I read this great post at The Conscious Cat about how humans should take time for themselves. Those are simple yet very wise pieces of advice. It puzzles me that humans have to be reminded about that.

After reading that post, I convinced Kitshka that we should help our human relax and take Sunday in a relaxing way. She has to take time for herself (after feeding us of course) instead of using the evil vacuum cleaner to clean the house. Kitshka was playing with my tail, as always, while I was deep in thought and I had to convince her it would be fun. And fun it was.

Here is how we tried to use hypnosis to relax our human (You can click on the pics to get a closer look at our method).

Your eyelids are heavy human, very heavy... you want to close your eyes...

Your eyelids are heavy human, very heavy…
You want to close your eyes…

Texas: You feel like laying down... lay down on the couch nearby... Kitshka: Texas I feel a little snoozzzzzzzz...

Texas: You feel like laying down… lay down on the couch nearby…
Kitshka: Texas I feel a little snoozzzzzzzz coming…

And at that point there was a big BANG and a human OUCH!

Texas: Oooops! Kitshka: Did you forgot there was a coffee table between her and the couch, Texas?

Texas: Oooops!
Kitshka: Did you forget there was a coffee table between her and the couch, Texas?

Kitshka: I wonder if we could get cream cheese that way Texas: Probably

Kitshka: I wonder if we could get cream cheese that way
Texas: Probably

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I had already mentioned how Milou mastered the art of photobombing here and here and here.

Kitshka is quickly learning too:

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Hiya furriends!

Thank you all for your support yesterday! I’m glad to announce that my human was terrified at the idea of my purring strike – and also wanted to keep some of her Christmas paper for Christmas, how strange it may seem! – so we won!

I am back to blogging today (one day before the lastest limit). We didn’t get the extra treats and tuna juice though (the human wasn’t too pleased with the strike threat per se) but we’ll find a way.

We will go back to visiting your bloggies starting today. Yeah!

In the meantime, as proof of goodwill from everyone, the humans decided to build (yet) another shelving thingie to accommodate (Vocab Building Project VBP) more of my human’s books and let Kitshka and I watch supervise.

As you can see, we got everything under control. We were there to help them measure stuff.

We were there to support the humans.

What are you waiting for?
Start the job! We have blogging stuff to do!

Not too bad, human. Keep on keeping on.

Kitshka got a little distracted along the way, but that’s okay, she’s still young.

Tomorrow, I’ll start showing you some of the cool stuff I was so lucky to win! Have a great day my furriends!

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Remember a couple of days ago when I explained how to get your human’s attention when your human was reading in bed? Well, it looks like I got a little too much attention. She decided she wanted some snuggling time instead of reading!

Seriously, what’s with the snuggles and kisses?! I just need to play and get some tuna!

Human! What are all the Ladycats reading my blog going to think now?! I’m a grown Mancat for Ceiling Cat sake!

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Not much words today (who said “either”?!). My human’s back and her first priority is to play with me. And I have to make sure of that!

Have a wonderful Caturday!

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a “getting your human’s attention” post.

Today, I have a simple trick for you. Let me explain.

Yesterday evening, my human was going around in the house, from one room to another, claiming to be completing what she calls “household chores.” What I could see she was not completing in the meantime, is having her attention on me. So I decided to show her what house hold means. I waited for her to stop and I acted. I sat on her foot. Ah!

She didn’t dare move for several minutes. Bliss.

Mission accomplished.

P.S.: My human is not very pleased that I’m posting pics of her slippers and apartment pants on my blog. She thinks that’s not very stylish for a French kitty. Humans’ preoccupations, really! As if people and, most importantly, furry friends, were going to even notice her slippers while there’s a me, Texas, on them.

Silly human.

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What?! Today is the day she’s coming back? You serious?

Gotta wash my paws… Gotta hide the nip… Gotta run!

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My furriends, I am so glad to say that the sun is back and I am enjoying myself outside!

I also played with my human, making myself clear that only I decided when she could get a picture of me, using Milou’s and Sparkle’s techniques. See? No picture please!

There’s also plenty of activities around.

What’s that?

What was that sound?!

Pfft, that’s only Grouik!

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When I was living in France, I didn’t have a garden like I have now.

My human and I spent some time at my human’s mom’s apartment. My human’s mom would keep me when my human was away too. She didn’t have a garden but she had a balcony and I had permission to go on the balcony.

What I liked most was when no human was watching, I would jump on one of these flower pots and smell the flowers, eat carnation buds or grass. Of course it was strictly forbidden because the apartment was on the third floor. But that was so much fun!

There was another place on the balcony in which I loved to go. It was kind of like a bookshelf but with a big, thick plastic cover on it. My human’s mom was keeping vegetables and some plants inside. I loved to hide inside!

Lovely souvenirs!

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Sorry my furriends, my human has been very busy the past days.

How was your day? Mine was so-so. I was grounded because the above of my right eye was a little red. It is itching too. My human thinks I am allergic to some plant outside (I had the same problem last year, and so had Milou to a lesser extent, but it went away just like it came… the vet said it might be an allergy) so I could not go outside today.

I successfully ran away twice because I’m just too quick for my human. But other than that, I had to stay inside. Played a little with my human, which was good. Napped a lot. Ate some food.

My human’s husband brought a paper bag tonight. I love paper bags! So I had some fun inside!

How was your day my furriends?

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And it is good for the planet!

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Look! My eyes are almost the color of the leaves!

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I have to say that I was very not happy when my human got an iPad about 2 years ago. More time I got stolen.

Anyway, about a year ago, she came to me and Milou, all happy to show us what she calls an app (?!), as if it was some kind of toy for us. But that was not funny. Yes, there was something moving on the little black screen. Was it real? No. Was it funny? No. Did it smell catnip? No.

[My human cannot find the pics of me and Milou in front of this silly thing. I really have to start monitoring my human’s work!]

Here is more about the app:

In 2011, he decided to add to his creative portfolio by devising a Friskies app for the Apple iPad featuring simple video games that humans could play with their cats. True, most cats walk by the iPad and pay no bother. But some of the more curious ones find the floating fish on the iPad screen interesting enough to paw. Nestle Purina’s experiment has garnered 500,000 downloads so far.

Ok. Just because this app is not sophisticated enough doesn’t mean we are not curious. Milou and I are very curious cats. And yes I know about Karl Lagerfeld’s cat but Choupette is just a kid!

Now if you would excuse me, I have more important things to do than to play with a silly human toy. I need a nap.

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Happy Halloween everyone! Joyeux Challoween !


Ok. I was a little younger on this picture :-)

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Sorry friends for not posting for a couple of days, but I’ve been busy trying to learn how to hunt chipmunks, thanks to my brother Grouik, a great hunter. More on that in the days to come.

Here’s a great way to play with your human. I personally adore this!
1. Choose a time when your human is very busy: surfing the web on their computer, leaving to work early in the morning, etc.
2. Find a place where your human doesn’t expect you to be (no, under the bed not good anymore)
3. Keep quiet when your human is calling you again and again… and again.
4. Enjoy your human’s face when they finally find you after 10+ minutes frantically looking for you :-)

Try it!

Hide & Seek 01

Hide & Seek 02

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Remember humans: cats are more intelligent than you are ;-)

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Do you know how to get your human to do what you want?

Heart-rending meows. Yep. My human did not want to let me out because I had a little red spot above the eye, like some mosquito bit me yesterday or something. But I still wanted to go outside! Just got my human to open the door for me. Couldn’t bear my heart-rending meows anymore ;-)

Still don’t know what I mean? Check these videos (not me on first vid):



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See what I was talking about when I mentioned getting your human’s attention using his/her computer?

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See? Not complicated. Questions?

On your human's laptop

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