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I have a love-hate relationship with suitcases. While they are fun to play in and sometimes comfy to sleep in (especially when the human has already put clothes in one of them), they usually mean that the human is leaving for an undetermined number of days. Sometimes I might travel with her, though.

When I was younger, my human had to travel a lot, and I quickly understood that suitcases were not a good sign: they have the power to steal my human from me!

One day, to show my discontent, I peed in an empty one my human had left opened. You think my human would have thanked me for trying to prevent the suitcase from kidnapping her? Pfft, not even! She was not pleased at all!

So I tried different techniques, but mostly sit-ins. It never deterred my human from leaving :-/

Yes, human. It is your lingerie. Why?

Yes, human. It is your lingerie. Why?

Do you like suitcases and if not, do you have a technique to make them disappear?


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Fly Free Fangie

We were so sad to learn that Fang has left for the rainbow bridge. If you can, please take a minute to send purrs to Fang’s human and say goodbye to sweet Fangie.
His human has also written a beautiful tribute to Fangie.

We are very sad tonight.


I am beyond sad to say Fang died this morning.

I am so glad to have known him.  I am so glad we had a wonderful life together. I am so glad Bugs is here beside me as I write this, being so sweet.

I took the last picture of Fang, above, two days ago.  Doesn’t he look well?

Here’s another one of him, from a few days before that.

Isn’t it plain that he was having a good life?  I wanted him to have a good life more than I can say.

I am glad he was taken suddenly.  I’m glad yesterday, his last day on this earth, was just as usual.  Peaceful.  Happy.  There was no sign.

But early this morning he woke me crying out.  I found him on the bathroom floor.  He had tried to make it to the litter box and couldn’t quite get there. …

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