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Filming kitties

Hiya everyone!

I hope you enjoy this beautiful video! I think the kitties look good on it.

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All That JazzCat!

You know, the brave little kitten who lost her battle with panleukemia?

Well, we all know she’s happy playing with many friends at the rainbow bridge but her human is still stuck with the vet bill.

You can see pictures of the invoice on the Cats of Parliament Hill Facebook group.

They have raised $1070 so far (I know some of you donated already!! <3) so if you can help a little, that’d be great.  Perhaps your financial situation is better this month?  My human already donated.  We would donate more but as you know, we’re saving for my tooth extraction.

Again, here’s the site where you can donate


Thanks for your help.  If you can’t donate, perhaps you can reblog this? That way more people will see it and they might be able to donate!

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