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Because my human has a cold (again!) and because of a funny thing she told me recently, I decided that I would use my polyglot (VBP) skills to do my post. Of course, right now, you can’t see the link with my human’s cold and the funny thing she told me, but keep reading.

When my human went to the Architects for Animals event, she met one of my favorite human bloggers, ailurophile (VBP) Layla, of Cat Wisdom 101.

I’ll spare (VBP) you the details, but at one point, my human learnt a new expression:

To have a frog in one’s throat

Well, guess what kitties? In French, the exact translation of this expression is:

Avoir un chat dans la gorge

or “to have a cat in one’s throat.”



You’d think the French would prefer the frog! You’d be wrong!

There are a couple of other French expressions using the word cat. In the comments of my last post, Sparky Spitfire asked me how to say “peek a boo” in French. There is no exact translation for it (something like “jouer à/faire coucou” would do), but it made me think of another expression.

“Play tag” translates into… you guessed it! “Jouer à chat” or “jouer à chat perché” (literally “play cat” or “play off-ground cat”).

I knew that my smart readers would not simply “give up” and… “donner sa langue au chat” (“give one’s tongue to the cat”)!

Illustration : Zelda Zonk Source: TV5.org

Illustration : Zelda Zonk
Source: TV5.org

Can you think of other expressions with the word cat, in English or another language?

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