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UPDATE 8.00pm: he’s back! He’s back! My humans found him… or he found them ;-)

My half-brother Grouik has not come back for 24 hours. Where are you Grouik? My human won’t let me go out now!

No seriously. I know we had a couple of fights but I miss you bro. Hope you’re ok…


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Kitties & bullshit

I like this smart girl‘s blog! I purrticularly like the truth of this drawing ;-)

Go check her blog!

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Remember humans: cats are more intelligent than you are ;-)

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Painter Heather Mattoon had the brilliant idea (not surprisingly, thanks to her cat) to paint cats in clothes.

Check her website here. There are some pretty nice paintings. You can even get a painting of your cat in clothes (think about it: a painting of your cat in clothes is so much better than actually trying to put clothes on your cat… no we don’t like it, no no).

And we can’t resist the urge of quoting the painter:

We should also be more like cats: soulful, stylish, and entirely unconcerned with others’ opinions.

(Hat tip: I Can Has Cheezburger)

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Interesting article on what to give and not to give as food to your furry friends:

Also keep in mind that while dogs are omnivorous and thus more open to trying different kinds of foods. Cats, on the other hand, are carnivorous. They are not just picky about what they eat — they are constitutionally incapable of digesting some types of foods.

(Hat tip: Janina)

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Do you know how to get your human to do what you want?

Heart-rending meows. Yep. My human did not want to let me out because I had a little red spot above the eye, like some mosquito bit me yesterday or something. But I still wanted to go outside! Just got my human to open the door for me. Couldn’t bear my heart-rending meows anymore ;-)

Still don’t know what I mean? Check these videos (not me on first vid):



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Going outside

I am an apartment cat. I have lived most of my current life inside an apartment, sometimes without even a balcony. So I am not used to go outside. More importantly, my human is not used to let me go outside.

But I love to go outside! Today I had a lot of fun with some bugs and I slept on my humans’ deck, in the sun. I loved it.
Then I did some exercise. See?

Texas exercising

Of course, after such efforts, I needed a nap. So did my co-worker, err, half-brother. It’s tiring watching younger cats exercising, you know.



I love my cat life :-)

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