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Happy Halloween everyone! Joyeux Challoween !


Ok. I was a little younger on this picture :-)

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Thanks to Janina, I am in the Journal du Livre Européen.

Thanks and welcome to the readers of the Journal du Livre Européen :-)

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Do you want to play, have fun, learn stuff about cats and/or dogs and do a good deed at the same time? Then check Purina’s Pure Love for Pets site.

Help us give pets a home this season!

Now through December 21, answer fun, pet-themed trivia questions. For every
correct answer*, Purina will donate 25¢ to Adopt-a-Pet.com—up to $50,000!

Answer a question. Trigger a donation.

Come on! Go! Go! And thank you to Purina :-)

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My human likes Pierre Hermé’s desserts/macarons/chocolates. I think I’m gonna like the guy!

He has two boxes of macarons named after the most intelligent of species: cats. It’s called “Chat Roux” et “Chat Brun” by Pierre Hermé. Check it out. Nicolas Vial’s website is here. He’s the painter :-) Great job by the way!

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Nice. Thank you Dr. Olson.


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Love cats? Tomorrow is National Feral Cat Day. Let’s not forget them. Show some love if you can.

Thank you :-)

(Hat tip: Modern Cat)

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Today is Caturday!

Enjoy a teddy bear today!

Below this is me when I was just a little kitty :-)

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