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Happy Halloween everyone! Joyeux Challoween !


Ok. I was a little younger on this picture :-)


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Thanks to Janina, I am in the Journal du Livre Européen.

Thanks and welcome to the readers of the Journal du Livre Européen :-)

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Do you want to play, have fun, learn stuff about cats and/or dogs and do a good deed at the same time? Then check Purina’s Pure Love for Pets site.

Help us give pets a home this season!

Now through December 21, answer fun, pet-themed trivia questions. For every
correct answer*, Purina will donate 25¢ to Adopt-a-Pet.com—up to $50,000!

Answer a question. Trigger a donation.

Come on! Go! Go! And thank you to Purina :-)

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My human likes Pierre Hermé’s desserts/macarons/chocolates. I think I’m gonna like the guy!

He has two boxes of macarons named after the most intelligent of species: cats. It’s called “Chat Roux” et “Chat Brun” by Pierre Hermé. Check it out. Nicolas Vial’s website is here. He’s the painter :-) Great job by the way!

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Nice. Thank you Dr. Olson.


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Love cats? Tomorrow is National Feral Cat Day. Let’s not forget them. Show some love if you can.

Thank you :-)

(Hat tip: Modern Cat)

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Today is Caturday!

Enjoy a teddy bear today!

Below this is me when I was just a little kitty :-)

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My human likes cooking. So she reads a lot of cooking blogs. I mean a LOT. One of them is The Pioneer Woman.

The other day, when I was trying to get my human’s attention by walking on her keyboard, I noticed this cute little thing, cute as only kitties can be. Check it out!

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Funny movie my humans watched yesterday (click CC at the bottom right of the video to get English subtitles):

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It reminds me of me, younger, and my half-brother Milou ;-)

Check it here – sorry the embed option doesn’t seem to work :-(

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At Arm and Hammer you can vote once a day for your favorite feline. The winner will be featured in a print ad for Arm & Hammer’s Double Duty litter.  Go and vote!

My favorite is Elizabeth B.’s, the French guy ;-)

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This one is for our human friends: pics of their favorite pets ;-)


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My brother Grouik is a great hunter. He often brings back “something” to his human (my human’s husband). Twice already he brought back a little chipmunk. Those creatures are cute and smell good the fresh meat ;-)

Well the first one arrived dead :-/

The second one managed to escape!

I wonder if I can manage to bring one to my human too…

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Just saw this great video from Bouygues Telecom (again thanks to BoingBoing). Love it! I would have made my human change her telecom operator should we still be living in France!


French version:

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Barely feral?

Cats under 2 years of age shouldn’t follow this link.
Hat tip: BoingBoing.


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Sorry friends for not posting for a couple of days, but I’ve been busy trying to learn how to hunt chipmunks, thanks to my brother Grouik, a great hunter. More on that in the days to come.

Here’s a great way to play with your human. I personally adore this!
1. Choose a time when your human is very busy: surfing the web on their computer, leaving to work early in the morning, etc.
2. Find a place where your human doesn’t expect you to be (no, under the bed not good anymore)
3. Keep quiet when your human is calling you again and again… and again.
4. Enjoy your human’s face when they finally find you after 10+ minutes frantically looking for you :-)

Try it!

Hide & Seek 01

Hide & Seek 02

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