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So while I was training hard for the Couch-a-thon, my human forgot to register me! See how hard at work I am:

I have been praticing a daily training since at least December! Check here, that’s the proof! We all have been practicing. But I have to say that Milou and I have been more serious about it than Grouik.

Actually, I work so hard, that the black couch has turned partly white (my human’s not particularly happy about it, but a cat gotta do what he gotta do!). See?

So I hope it is not too late to register. Below is my registration fee: fresh catnip. Click on it to see how fresh and beautiful it is!

Now if you don’t mind I have to go back to napping.


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Winning all those awards got me so excited that I need a nap. Also I am training for this event. Milou is very good at napping, so I need to train hard.

I’ll go back to training if you don’t mind… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

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