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Hiya Furriends!

I am glad because yesterday my human’s Mom arrived to stay with us for Thanksgiving. She’s coming from France!
I like her very much: she used to be my cat sitter in France and I spent some time with her. Also she was easier to train than my human ;-)

On top of that, my American furriends all know next week is Thanksgiving. In order to say thank you to all my readers, I will have one game with a secret prize (today) and one giveaway next month!
I really enjoy blogging and I hope you enjoy reading about little not-so-old me and my fur family! I know I like to read your reactions in the comments!
Also I won some prizes on furriends’ bloggies so I want to reciprocate (VBP). And soon it will be Christmas!

So, what about today’s game?

Below is a picture of something going on at our home recently (three weeks ago). But what is going on exactly? That’s what you have to tell me in the comments! I need to know: What are you seeing? Who are you seeing? What’s going on?

You have until tomorrow, Monday 19, 2012, 11.59 pm EST to comment. I won’t answer comments or give any details. Once time is over, I will take all the good answers and draw a winner randomly.

What’s the prize? Well, since my readership (how classy does that sound?) extends to more than just kitties, I will adapt the prize according to the winner and his fur family. It will still be a surprise but my human will send something we think you will like! Also, as long as you live on Planet Earth, you can play! [Sorry Martians, but my human can’t afford sending stuff to other planets]

So are you ready? Below is the picture. I hope you have fun!

Good luck!
[Yes, the image is a little blurry but that adds to the fun! You can biggify it by clicking on it!]


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