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Remember I mentioned this book before?

Well, my human borrowed it at the library some time ago and we had the occasion to read it together. No, I was not snoozing!

Well, it’s a lovely little book. My human even plans to buy it when she can to keep it.

It is primarily a children book, so it is a quick read for a cat or adult human. It is full of beautiful drawings of Minette, Julia Child‘s Parisian cat.

It tells the story of how Julia Child, then studying cooking in Paris, came to adopt Minette and what Minette’s life was like living in Paris with Julia Child.

Both my human and I liked it lots. Me because it’s mostly about a Parisian cat and my human because it’s about a cook and beautiful drawings of her cat. Also, as mentioned before, this makes a great book to introduce cats and cooking to a child.

All in all, go check it out.

You can see part of it on Amazon (to give you an avant-goût).

You can also go check the author’s page. You can watch the author in the following video (talking about Minette’s Feast, starting at 1min20) and see some of the drawings from the book. Minette was really cute =^.^=

Also you can see images here and here.

We hope you’ll like it!


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It’s nice to look back to happy memories sometimes. I recounted how my human adopted me.

Here are some pictures of my first days with my human and her then-boyfriend, now-husband, human, whatever. Since I was very cute and little (am still cute but a little bigger), my human nicknamed me “P’tite Crevette” (Lil’ Shrimp). She’s still calling me that today.

We have more pics but I will share them next week! Have a wonderful week everyone!

Look at me already exploring my new Grouik’s and Milou’s territory.

Oh, what are these? They look fun to play with!

So this is what my furry friends were talking about? A furrever home?

This is how small (and cute) I was (still am) (cute that is).

And finally for today, this is the picture my human put in my little passport. I was in the arms of my human’s Mom.

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Where is my salmon in papillote with catnip pesto? I’m waiting…

Service just ain’t what it used to be!

(Full disclosure: those pictures were taken in France but, guess what? I’m still waiting for my salmon in papillote with catnip pesto!)

P.S.: my human is once again going to one of these seminar thingies, so forgive me if I am a little slow to comment on your bloggies in the next few days.


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So our humans left us alone, Milou and I, Wednesday evening. To go to the movies!! Can you believe that?

Well, the truth is I understand why they did: they had the opportunity to see Rentaneko or Rent-a-Cat. What is so unfair is that us kitties couldn’t go.

My human has written a post about the movie on her own blog:

Rent-a-Cat is about a young woman running a business of renting cats to lonely people. The rented cat’s mission, she explains to her clients, is to mend the hole in their hearts. But Sayoko, the young woman, is also yearning to find her special someone.

Then she included a video about the movie. Here:

I am a bit jealous because I would have loved to have been able to see the movie. My human liked it very much, as did her husband, and she said she will buy the DVD if it is released. So we can watch it all together. But when?

Also, my human had the occasion to meet two nice ladies from two of my favorite blogs (after all, that is thanks to me if she found out about this movie!): Ms. Tamar from I Have Cat, who posted about the movie, and Ms. Layla from Cat Wisdom 101, who reviewed the movie. I also wish I could have met these two cat lovers and my human said they were very nice ladies and they all had a good time!

Sooooo while we wait for a DVD, err, we’re going to take a nap.

Go watch this movie if you can! The humans say it is worth it and for once I’m inclined (vocab builder) to believe them!

Oh, also my dumb human realized why these were called neko flies… We do deserve to dominate the world, don’t you think?

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I want to thank all our furry and human furriends for their support.

Your comments, tweets, posts, thoughts, purrs, purrayers, every kind gesture, were appreciated beyond words. THANK YOU.

The humans want to take some time to pick up more pictures of Grouik for his special page. In the meantime, here is one of Grouik’s human favorite pic (and activity) of our beloved Grouik.

We also would like to thank Savannah and her Mom for their kindness and for taking the initiative to ask Zoolatry to create 2 special badges for Grouik. Thank you to Zoolatry for such a nice job! Please visit their site if you haven’t already!

Thank you to those who blogged about Grouik: Wheezyrider, Savannah, Alasandra.

We are really moved by the kindness of the furry community that reached out to us these past few days. We are not surprised, but we certainly are moved.

Many purrs to all!

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Hiya everyone.

It feels kind of hard getting back to blogging and the humans are not feeling too well. But my human and I agreed that how hard it might be, we still can’t stop living and we owe it to Grouik to be strong and to enjoy life.

Milou and I are a bit confused. Someone is missing here. Who is going to finish my food now? Well, okay Milou will try, but the humans will prevent him from doing it (because he’s on a special diet).

Also I can’t go out now. My human is all nice and cuddling me all the time (and I am doing my best to console her too) but I can’t go out. She promised to go out with me though.

My human and I will resume reading your bloggies my furriends. Please forgive us if we don’t comment just yet, we’re often left with a loss for words or meows.

Before we resume some kind of regular blogging, we would like to dedicate this post to Grouik. We will also work on a special page in the menu (just for him).

Here are a couple of pictures of us together. Hope you will like them. At the end of the post is a video I had already posted but that I want to post again. Hope you like it.

Take care everyone, hug your humans and stay safe.

This first one was taken here in the U.S. It is not very good quality because it was taken with an old iPhone.

This second one is even worse quality, I know, but it is the three of us. It was taken in Brussels, Belgium. Please forgive the mess (we were partly responsible).

This last one was taken in France, in my human’s old bedroom, at her Mom’s place. Please forgive the mess too, that was just before we all moved.

And here is the video. Tomorrow or the day after, regular blogging will resume. We love you Grouik!

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We interrupt regular blogging to report very sad news. We lost our beloved Grouik yesterday.

Here are some words from his human followed by pictures of Grouik.

Grouik didn’t come home yesterday.

This afternoon, we walked around the neighborhood looking for him, asking the neighbors if they had seen this cute, slim, black and white tabby. Neighbors often saw him in their backyard, and their little girl nicknamed him Oreo. They found him yesterday ca 2pm, he had been run over by a car.

Those who had the pleasure to know him knew he was the kindest cat (he even greeted us with a short meow when we opened the door for him), he has never ever been sick, he was always [successfully] begging for food yet remained perfectly fit. He often climbed onto my right shoulder so he could walk with me and observe the world as any cat deserves to, right on the top. He usually walked all over me in the morning, purring his way to long, exclusive petting with his irresistible cuteness.

I have spent 14 years, a little under a third of my life with my beloved Grouik. He was 14-ish, although I never knew when he was born. He adopted me when he was a tiny kitty back in 1998, he was brought over by a former colleague (I remember him running around the office floor, chasing computer cables). He spent his life in France (Bobigny, Agde, Paris 18, Viroflay), Ireland (Dublin), Belgium (Brussels), and Rye, NY. He had a wonderful, wonderful life with humans who were all fond of him, visiting many places and tasting local food, should it walk, crawl, fly, dig holes in the ground, or hop up the trees.

We just came back from the animal cemetery in Hartsdale, NY, they will take care of him. We’ll pick up the ashes on Tuesday… But my Grouik will not come home anymore.

Here is the last photo we took of him.


Just a few words from me (Texas’ human).

Grouik was an adorable and sweet cat, grumpy at times although very rarely, often mischievous and that was part of his charm and of why we love him (no past tense on purpose).
He had the cutest way of sleeping, his head on his paws. He loved to go out and hunt. He was always somehow out, whether it was on the roof of a 7-story Paris building or in the yard in France or in the U.S. He loved to be out. He loved to eat. He hated car travels. He loved catnip and raw meat.
When he was on his human’s lap, he could purr so loudly that I always thought his purr was sounding a bit like a Geiger counter. A lovely, furry ball of sweetness.
We greatly miss him and hope he can keep on chasing chipmunks where he is now.

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First of all, thank you all for your funny captions of Milou’s pic, yesterday. We, kitties and humans, here loved them all!

Milou especially liked Animalcouriers’ Oscat award perspective! We also imagined mixing Sammy’s and Sparkle’s view of a cat-shaped marshmallow blind date ;-)

Thank you all! You really made us laugh!

Now here are some pictures of my other half-bro Grouik with yet another chipmunk that he caught.

Believe me if you want, but the chipmunk managed to survive and escape (pics are displayed in order – my human wasn’t quick enough to take a picture of the chipmunk jumping on the tree and escaping). I think Grouik is voluntarily letting them go. He just wants to look good with the humans.

Me? I was on the couch training, not too far away from the AC.

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No long post with many words today ;-) I’ll let you caption this picture of my half- brother Milou.

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Traveling with your furry friend by plane: impossible? Not really. This is part 2 of a two-part story. Check part 1 here.

***This is also long post but you might find it interesting too.***

***There are also pics below!***

Sooooo… we were ready to fly!

When the day came, we took a taxi from my human’s Mom’s home to the airport. The humans had many pieces of luggage, plus us three. At the airport, they had to give the luggage and Milou to the airline staff. They put plenty of “LIVE ANIMAL” stickers on his box. Then Milou was not with us anymore. Ceiling Cat and Milou only knew where he went!

I usually behave myself pretty well when traveling in a car (less so in a train), but of course my human was concerned about such a long trip without being able to go out of our bag.

We had little food or water the night before. My human bought water sprays to spray us from time to time during the trip and they were carrying wee-wee pads just in case. They also had some kibbles.

Grouik may be a hunter, he is an anxious cat and hates to travel. His human gave him a sedative recommended by the vet and that he had tested before to calm him (for fear he would meow all the way from Paris to Frankfurt to New York and be too scared). My human didn’t like the idea of giving me a sedative. She had some my vet had given her just in case, but she gave me a little bit of that HomeoPet Anxiety relief thing she had found in America instead. It seemed to work just fine.

The time was loooooooooong. My human says the trip in plane alone from Paris to New York (including our stop in Frankfurt) took 12+ hours. That’s without the time between homes and airports.

We had to stay in our bags all the time in each plane. That was hard because it was very hot in the plane. Even the humans (not just ours) were complaining about the temperature. Our humans were concerned for us and begged the airline staff to have us get out just a little bit to give us some water. But it was a no-no. Because some people could be allergic to us (!?) we would have to stay inside. Also the staff was concerned our humans would let us go around freely in the plane. Humans can be funny!

They allowed our humans to take the bag on their lap though, which helped calm Grouik that was starting to meow in the last few hours. They gave us a little water and some kibbles. They knew Grouik was doing okay when he tried to grab, from the barely opened bag, some of the pizza the humans had! Me, I was patient.

They didn’t take many pics from the trip because I think they were more concerned for our well being. Nicely trained humans ;-)

When we arrived in New York though, everyone was really tired. Grouik couldn’t be stopped from meowing anymore. The humans had to pick up all their pieces of luggage and… Milou! And then we had to go through immigration (what’s that?) and some people from our new country were supposed to check if everything was okay with us (our health certificate and stuff).

Turned out no one knew exactly where Milou was supposed to be picked up. The humans were being even more concerned. Where was Milou ? They were told that “someone would bring him next to the luggage pick up.” While my human’s husband was picking up the luggage, my human spotted Milou’s box alone in a corner. She ran to pick him up. He seemed and was doing fine! The humans weren’t very happy that he had been left alone like that.

When all the luggage was put on some kind of cart with us on top, we headed for the inspection. It was the end of the afternoon in New York, but the five of us were feeling like it was late evening (like it was in France). We all had been up for 24 hours actually.

The humans had put towels on our bags and Milou’s box so that we wouldn’t be afraid by all the humans around. The customs woman only spotted Milou’s box and asked what it was. The humans answered “a cat.” And she said “go ahead.” And we were out of the airport without any inspection. I think the humans were very happy about that. They were tired. So were we. And I think my human was a little afraid I would bite someone who would examine me. I don’t like people I don’t know to touch me like that!

When we arrived at our new home, we started exploring quickly.

And although there were some initial tensions between us…

…each one of us found a favorite spot and/or position to hide (just in case).

And everything went fine!

A quick note on the humans:
– They traveled back and forth not to leave us behind
– They shrugged at people who told them “What?! You’re taking the cats with you?!?!! Is it really reasonable?”
– They spent some dear money so that we would move with them and do so in the best way they knew possible
==> So it is not mission impossible to move with your furry friends (I do believe our friends at Animalcourriers can tell you about that – the humans didn’t know them then).

Although there are plenty of stories on the Internet about furry friends being depressed and getting lost by trying to get back home after their humans had moved (my human was very afraid of that), we adapted pretty quickly and explored the area in the following days we arrived. There is no fatality (vocab builder)!

So, please, do consider moving with your furry friend if you can! On the other hand, don’t have us take the plane just to go on vacations please, this is not pleasant.

If you have questions I’d be glad to answer them or ask my human to do so.

(I promise I’ll be quick!)

We would like to of course thank our humans (even if, well, they acted the way they had to!) and also the airline company Lufthansa. Why? Because my human sent them a letter complaining about how it was hot in the plane and if they, humans, had suffered from that, we probably had suffered too.

Well, to apologize, the company sent my humans a big box of toys and treats for us! Wasn’t that nice?

Thank you Lufthansa!
(My human wanted to add that Lufthansa hasn’t asked us to post this. In fact, my human just wanted to let our discomfort be known because she felt bad for us and any other kitty traveling that way, she didn’t expect this nice gesture)

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Traveling with your furry friend by plane: impossible? Not really.

***This is a long post but you might find it interesting. You have been warned (as opposed to warmed – vocab builder)***

***My human convinced me to make two posts out of it. Although I think that’s because she is a little lazy I also think this is not a bad idea, so part 2 tomorrow***

***Keep reading, there are pics below***

(red, white and blue! Okay… back to the story!)

For those who already know me a little bit, you know that I have two half-brothers and that we were all born in France. We now live in New York state. Which means that, well, yes, we had to travel all the way from France to America.

It isn’t very difficult for us cats to immigrate to America: we just need a human who can immigrate to America (which apparently is more complicated). We had to be vaccinated against rabies, microchipped and to have a passport. Here’s mine:

I’m not showing you the identification (vocab builder) stuff because this is private.

So we had the passport, the vaccine and the microchip already. We also needed to have a certificate of good health from our vet dated from less than one week before we left. Here are pictures of us three going to the vet:

We were then ready to leave with our humans and… take the plane.

My human had convinced her husband to take Grouik with him in the cabin. Of course, there wan’t even a doubt in my human’s mind that I was going with her in the cabin (I trained her well you see).

Unfortunately for Milou, there were two reasons why he had to travel in the baggage hold:
– He was too fat (Don’t laugh! Not funny! Well, okay a little bit),
– The plane would only allow for one small pet to accompany a human, no more.

Not all plane companies allow pets to travel in the cabin and my human did some research to find the best company. Some American companies have actually stopped accepting pets in the cabin due to security issues (yawn). Basically, my human was left with two choices: Air France, the French company, and Lufthansa, the German company.

The problem with Air France was three-fold (vocab builder):
1. They’re known for losing or damaging baggage, my human has even experienced it several times (remember Milou was to travel with the baggage),
2. Although my human says service on board is generally quite good, she said there were other problems such as the staff being on strike (whatever that means) on a regular basis and the humans could not risk being stuck with 5 pieces of luggage and 3 cats at the airport,
3. Finally, the restrictions for the pet’s maximum weight and the maximum size of the bag in which the pet was to travel were stricter with them.

The only problem with Lufthansa was that the trip would be longer since the plane would go from Paris to Frankfurt, Germany, and then only to New York. But we were guaranteed – Grouik and I – to be in the cabin with our humans. So Lufthansa it was.
(I was kind of near the maximum weight – 12 pounds or 6 kilograms – allowed with Air France. Grouik was fine! Grouik is very slim!)

Here is Lufthansa’s policy regarding traveling with your furriends:

Transport of small dogs and cats into the passenger cabin
You may take a dog or cat into the cabin, if the weight of the animal (including transport container) does not exceed eight kilograms. The animal has to be kept in a box measuring not more than
55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm. You may use your own transport box if it has the necessary measurement and is watertight and bite proof.

This was for us.

As for Milou:

Transport of larger animals in the cargo hold
Animals that cannot be transported inside the cabin will be transported by Lufthansa in appropriate containers in an air-conditioned area of the cargo hold. You may use your own transport container for your animal if it complies with the relevant IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations. The container must in any case be large enough to ensure that the animal can stand up and has sufficient space to move. Furthermore, containers shall be equipped with a water dish (empty).

It wasn’t difficult to find the right box for Milou but it was a problem to find the bag with just the right size for Grouik and I. It had to fit the required size and no more (because the bag was to be kept under the seat in front of our human, in the cabin). And it had to be not too small for us to feel okay inside of it. We would not be allowed to get out of it for several hours!

Fortunately, the humans found such a bag in America (because they came a little while before us, to prepare everything so that we would feel comfortable when we arrive). Here it is.

And here is me in it:

To be continued tomorrow…

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I would like to thank my furry friends Bella and DiDi at Paws to Talk for nominating me for the Sunshine Award and the Blog on Fire Award!

I have to say I am truly purringly happy to have found so many furry and human friends thanks to the Internet. I wish I had enough catnip to give some to each of you. I guess I’m gonna have to ask my human to buy some more…

Since I had already received them, I am not going to go through the process of accepting them again. But I really appreciate my furriends!


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Have you ever wondered why humans sometimes do some weird things like eating citrus, or throwing away bags and boxes?

Well, one day, back in the nice apartment with the round stairs in France, I caught my human barefoot with blue water in the tube! What was she doing in there? I’ll never know! Do you have any idea?

(these pics were taken by my human with her phone so their quality is not very good but I like them anyway)

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What? Did you say petit plat?

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As promised yesterday, here is my new video. Remember that if you like it, you can nominate it for the Internet Cat Video Film Festival here (reminder about what the festival is about here).

Just a few words about this video.

I love olives. My human once caught me licking olives on her table. Ooops. The good part is that she decided to give me one as a treat from time to time. She DID ask two vets if it was okay and they said it was if I get only one once in a while (also check here and here).

Olives have a stronger effect on me than catnip. I love to smell them and if the olive smells very good and my human is keeping it too long between her fingers, I can bite the fingers to get it (olive effect). The good thing with olives is that it can also be used as a toy! Most of the time I just eat part of it after playing.

Not all cats love olives though. Grouik and Milou for example couldn’t care less. So, use your good judgement, humans.

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Have you seen the news? We’re gonna have our very own Internet Cat Video Film Festival hosted by the Walker Art Center in Minnesota!

You are invited to nominate your favorite cat videos online, until July 30.

More info here:

“It is an experiment,” she said. “It will be interesting to see if people think it is silly, or great, or a waste of time. But I like the idea of everyone admitting they like cat videos.”

The film festival will start at dusk, and will last 45 minutes to an hour.

That may not sound like a long time, but most cat videos on YouTube are less than a minute so the festival should allow for plenty of feline fun.

The festival is part of the Walker Open Field summer program, which is all about community building and experimentation. So rather than acting as a traditional curator, Czarniecki Hill said she will be collecting cat video nominations from the general public — focusing especially on the local community. Then she’ll screen those nominations, and decide which videos will make the cut.

The winning videos will be projected on a building wall near the art center.

Even more info here. I’m so excited!

If you liked my videos about my mojito, or me catching water, would you please consider nominating me here? ***purrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssss***

Also, tomorrow I will feature a brand new video that my human had taken in France. Here’s a hint on what it will be about:

Please come back tomorrow to see my new video.

Good luck to all participants!

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You see, I have found the purrfect hiding spot: above the ground but not too high up in the air, confined place, dark, with cushion-like towelettes.

It is a small yet big enough place to have two me inside, so quite comfy. It is a little drawer-like closet at the bottom of the humans’ kitchen table, where my human keeps what she calls dish towels (although I found no dish in the towels).

Well my human wouldn’t hear anything about it. She doesn’t want me in her precious towels. I tried to explain these could be turned into cat or better yet Texas towels – since there are no dishes you see – but no. She wanted me out.

Silly humans don’t understand anything about life’s little pleasures.

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Filming kitties

Hiya everyone!

I hope you enjoy this beautiful video! I think the kitties look good on it.

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All That JazzCat!

You know, the brave little kitten who lost her battle with panleukemia?

Well, we all know she’s happy playing with many friends at the rainbow bridge but her human is still stuck with the vet bill.

You can see pictures of the invoice on the Cats of Parliament Hill Facebook group.

They have raised $1070 so far (I know some of you donated already!! <3) so if you can help a little, that’d be great.  Perhaps your financial situation is better this month?  My human already donated.  We would donate more but as you know, we’re saving for my tooth extraction.

Again, here’s the site where you can donate


Thanks for your help.  If you can’t donate, perhaps you can reblog this? That way more people will see it and they might be able to donate!

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a “getting your human’s attention” post.

Today, I have a simple trick for you. Let me explain.

Yesterday evening, my human was going around in the house, from one room to another, claiming to be completing what she calls “household chores.” What I could see she was not completing in the meantime, is having her attention on me. So I decided to show her what house hold means. I waited for her to stop and I acted. I sat on her foot. Ah!

She didn’t dare move for several minutes. Bliss.

Mission accomplished.

P.S.: My human is not very pleased that I’m posting pics of her slippers and apartment pants on my blog. She thinks that’s not very stylish for a French kitty. Humans’ preoccupations, really! As if people and, most importantly, furry friends, were going to even notice her slippers while there’s a me, Texas, on them.

Silly human.

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Today I thought I would share some pictures of me from when I was much younger… a kid (a little less than 4 months old).

That was back in Paris, in my human’s husband’s (then boyfriend) apartment in Paris, dans le 18e arrondissement.

My human loves this picture very much. Actually she took several such pictures.

With, and without external light :-/

There was some activity going on on the floor (Milou, I guess).

At that point, I became bored.

And I decided I needed a nap ;-)

Wishing y’all an excellent week!

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It’s Sunday and before I go on with my blogging I want to thank my furriends (furry friends and humans!) who awarded me a couple of, well, awards =^.^=

First, Miss Lisa, at ft. // La vie éclectique. Sorry to respond only now, but with my human running around and everything…

I am very moved by your nomination and I thank you so very much with many purrs! Indeed Miss Lisa nominated me for the Blog on Fire Award!

I have to admit though that my human had to explain that my blog wasn’t actually on fire and why it was a pretty cool award! Thanks again Miss Lisa! You rock!
(I think humans have some strange uses of words…)

So I have to share 8 unusual things about me… Everything about me is special, because I am special. But let’s go:

1. I said earlier that “I don’t want humans to call me red (to quote my human, I am white and cream colored).” Sometimes my human also says I am Caramel Macchiato.
2. Because my human likes to wear black pants to work, I like to put some of my white hair on them
3. I love chicken out my human’s plate
4. I miss having some yogurt from time to time, like the ones I had in France
5. I like to climb on trees
6. I like the false mouse my human brought me back from Boston
7. Once I licked olives on the humans’ table and they never suspected it!
8. I have a collar with the American flag (I already had it in France!)

I also have to nominate 8 bloggers, so in no particular order:
=^.^= Sammy at One Spoiled Cat
=^.^= Savannah at Savannah’s Paw Tracks
=^.^= Miss Satchie at Satchmo the Cat
=^.^= Pedro at Maru can kiss my furry…
=^.^= Jet at Hey… It’s Jet Here
=^.^= Archie, Oscar and Henry at My Three Moggies
=^.^= Miss Nellie and her furry family at The Cat from Hell
=^.^= The Summer Solstice Girl at Summer Solstice Musings

And I’m going to ask my human to notify them as soon as this post is posted!


My furry friend Jet at Hey… It’s Jet Here also nominated me for the Very Inspired Blogger Award. Thank you so very much my furriend! I really appreciate it. In fact, I am loudly purring =^.^=

Since I had already received it, I will not go through all the process but I’m sending purrs to my furriend Jet!

And for those who read all this, here is an old picture of me from when I was in France! I liked to pretend that I was a pirate!

Have a purring Sunday everyone!

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Remember that my human brought back home some fresh catnip some time ago? Indeed, I offered some to a good furriend. Also I reported that contrary to my half brothers, I couldn’t smell the nip from the plant.

Well, I thought I would give it another try, now that what was left of the plant had had time to mature a bit.

Hiya! Let’s smell this plant to see if it’s really catnip



Ooooooh… Smells good… let’s taste it…

Gimme more!

Oooooooh la la… it feels so good…

Looks like the nip only needed to “ripen” for it to really feel good! Delicious! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need a nap… Is there some nip left? Just asking…

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My human just ran into this clever CPR poster by the French Red Cross and I begged her to stop what she was doing to post it! Love it!

Again, it shows how we kitties are an example for humans (understand: they need our constant supervision)

FIRST AID THAT CAN SAVE LIVES – If even kittens get trained, what are YOU waiting for?

And then it invites people to get free first aid training during the summer.

Kitties rock.

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I know I blogged this before (again) but with the heat I am a little lazy (and my human is a bit busy) and so I thought I would share it again. Me trying to catch water!

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My human explained to me that today is America’s birthday. America is where I live now. I moved with the humans and half-brothers a little less than a year ago.

My human had been talking about me, her and the others moving to America for quite some time before. She was very excited. I didn’t understand at the time. She had also told me before that I would go to Ireland too but I never went. Milou didn’t like Ireland (that story is for another post) so I don’t really care. But America is great: I have a huge garden with little live animals to observe. And also the catnip plant is starting to smell like catnip (another post too)! Fresh catnip! Very nice. Of course I have to live with my half-brothers who never play with me but that’s okay. Also I miss my human’s mom sometimes (T’was fun to play “treat or bite” with her!). But I like America.

So since it is America’s birthday today, and it is my first time in America, I asked my human to take a couple of pics of me with an American flag.

I want to wish America a special, HAPPY BIRTHDAY with lots of purrs!

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Hiya my furriends!

How are you today?

Me? I’m okay. My human’s back, but of course she had plenty of things to do, like cleaning her dirty laundry (Grouik wanted to beg her to give it to him as was, but she’s not a fan of black pants with white fur on it – go figure!). Plus she received a new laptop for her birthday, so she claimed to have to transfer stuff from one laptop to another. Thankfully, I convinced her with much meowing to update my blog before hers!

So, I know I missed a “Mondays are for memories” but it will be back next week. I read all (hopefully) your wonderful blogs I couldn’t read when my human wasn’t here with me.

Here, upstate NY, it is not too hot but still too hot to do anything too tiring. So my brothers and I went napping on the deck.

Hope you had a great day too!

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