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Well, what your human needs actually. Or is it the Fireman? No! It’s the kitten of course, right?

Now if I could just get my human to STOP watching the vid. She says it’s for the kitten, but somehow I have a doubt.

Now check the following one. Who’s the star? Who’s the star? Exactly Ladies.


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In Neuchâtel, Switzerland, firefighters saved a furriend that was stuck on a roof. Check it out:

Visibly . . . the cat got out of an apartment through a skylight window, and slipped on the roof, to end up in a gutter in which she was stuck.

Passers-by realized the cat was in distress when they heard her meow very loudly.

The firefighters, called by these same passers-by, arrived very rapidly.

And here is a picture.

More here.

Plenty of purrs to the firefighters!

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