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Congrats to Monty!

Monty’s heroics began with behaviour that Peter described as uncharacteristic.

Monty woke Peter up by nibbling on her left hand late one night. Peter said that this behaviour was strange as Monty never bites. But it was also strange because Peter’s left hand is the only hand that she uses to test for diabetes.

Initially, Peter tried to “shoo” her cat away, but Monty was persistent in keeping Peter awake.

Eventually Peter gave in to the demands of her cat and got out of bed.

Upon standing, Peter realized that something was wrong.

“I felt dizzy, disoriented, shaky. I couldn’t focus, I was nauseous,” Peter said.

By the time Peter made it to the kitchen, her blood sugar had reached a dangerously low 2.7. Even after Peter treated her sugar levels with medication, Monty would not leave her alone.

Monty stayed by her side until her levels normalized.

Read more about Monty here.


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