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We had heard about cat cafes in Japan. Now we learn that one has just opened in Vienna.

Five cats roam freely in “Cafe Neko,” ready to be stroked and cuddled — and when they are tired of all the attention, they can disappear into their own space or climb high above the tables, out of reach of the guests.

“Cafe Neko” opened Thursday. Owner Alexander Thuer tells the Austria Press Agency that the idea to combine coffee with cats comes from his Japanese wife, Takako Ishimitsu, who says such establishments are common in Asia — but rare in Europe.

But not all guests are welcome. Dogs, which have entry to most Viennese coffee houses, have to stay outside.

Of course just not anyone enters the home of cats!

Those cat cafes have been a bit controversial but I really think this is like making a scene about just a small hairball. Like the article mentioned above states, cats are not really the kind of furriends that will let humans play with them if they don’t feel like being cuddled. As long as they have a place of their own where they can go to nap, away from humans, that is fine.
Furry friends like being cuddled by friendly human friends and they will decide how much of it they want. It’s a win-win situation (Wow! Am I the econo-cat or what?!)
Besides it’s still better than to be in a shelter, isn’t it furriends?

Here is a video of a cat cafe in Japan.


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