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Humans: here is a door you do want to close: the washing machine‘s.

Bennett, a widowed mother of two, told The Star that she had put a load of laundry in the washing machine and left her house to go run errands. When she came home, her black-coated kitty was nowhere to be found, despite audible meows.

Bennett checked on her laundry after hearing strange noises coming from the washer, which she said had a habit of acting up. She spotted her drenched feline trapped inside the machine.

“It could happen to anybody,” Bennett said. “She must have been sleeping in there.”

Always, always, check before starting the laundry, that we are not inside. We love being confined in a small place, so washing machines make a great temptation. Especially if you put comforters in there!

“I went berserk and screamed so loud that a neighbor came ’round,” she added, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Bennett and her neighbor forced open the door to find that Tabitha had survived the one hour and 45 minute trauma — though she was worse for the wear.

Tabitha was immediately rushed to a local vet and treated for shock, water on the lungs and hypothermia, according to The Star.

“The vet told me she had lost seven of her nine lives,” said Bennett.

Poor kitty! Of course she must have been shocked!

Bennett called the local vet, who was about to take a lunch break, and told him to hold his horses.

Tabitha was treated for shock and had hypothermia. She had water on the lungs. Distraught, Bennett went home and sobbed. “Please don’t take my cat away,” she thought.

But when she went to collect her cat five hours later, she was shocked. Tabitha had gone from being half her size to now being double her size. The vet assured Bennett this was just because they had blow-dried the moth-eaten mouser’s coat and put her on a heat pad to combat the hypothermia.

When she brought Tabitha home, the cat didn’t seem impressed with such a simple explanation. “She turned her back on me totally, like it was my fault that she was washed and rinsed.

“The vet told me she had lost seven of her nine lives… I can now see the funny side of it, but you can imagine my shock.”

Tabitha seems to have already forgotten her trauma. Already she has gone back to hiding in weird places again.

Bennett knows she’s got one thing to be grateful for. With the increase in the cost of living, she stopped using hot water in her washing machine months ago.

No treats for Ms. Bennett for a week!

As an aside, below is an example of how tantalizing a washing machine can be, especially to young furriends.


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