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Here is a sad story with a happy ending. Maloos is an Iranian cat that has been abused in Iran but he is now waiting for his forever home in America. American doctors took care of him.

I’ll let you discover through these articles. I am glad that Maloos is now safe in the United States! Many purrs to the people both in Tehran and in San Francisco who took care of him. And many purrs to Maloos!

Special cat travels from Iran to U.S. for a good home

A special needs cat took an 8,000 mile trip for a good home.
Maloos was found near death on the streets of Iran. Deputy Director of Animal Control Kat Brown says Maloos was, “Stuck to the pavement he couldn’t move around.”
He is forced to walk on his front legs. Brown says, “His left leg was grown into his spine and it had to be removed.”
Maloos has a tiny scar above his nose where he was hit by a bullet. If the saying is true that cats have nine lives, Brown says, “Maloos has gone through 3 or 4 at least.”
A few weeks ago a good Samaritan found him in Tehran and took him into the local shelter, but they could only do so much. Brown says, “They asked us being the city of St. Francis if we could help.”
Little Maloos had a one way ticket to the City by the Bay and found a new home at the city’s Animal Care and Control where they put him on the road to recovery.

More here: Abused Iranian Cat Gets Treatment in U.S.

Many purrs for Maloos!


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