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Here is a sad story with a happy ending. Maloos is an Iranian cat that has been abused in Iran but he is now waiting for his forever home in America. American doctors took care of him.

I’ll let you discover through these articles. I am glad that Maloos is now safe in the United States! Many purrs to the people both in Tehran and in San Francisco who took care of him. And many purrs to Maloos!

Special cat travels from Iran to U.S. for a good home

A special needs cat took an 8,000 mile trip for a good home.
Maloos was found near death on the streets of Iran. Deputy Director of Animal Control Kat Brown says Maloos was, “Stuck to the pavement he couldn’t move around.”
He is forced to walk on his front legs. Brown says, “His left leg was grown into his spine and it had to be removed.”
Maloos has a tiny scar above his nose where he was hit by a bullet. If the saying is true that cats have nine lives, Brown says, “Maloos has gone through 3 or 4 at least.”
A few weeks ago a good Samaritan found him in Tehran and took him into the local shelter, but they could only do so much. Brown says, “They asked us being the city of St. Francis if we could help.”
Little Maloos had a one way ticket to the City by the Bay and found a new home at the city’s Animal Care and Control where they put him on the road to recovery.

More here: Abused Iranian Cat Gets Treatment in U.S.

Many purrs for Maloos!


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Firefighters, my new heroes…

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I already mentioned one technique. Here is another.
I definitely want one like that!

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Just to say that my human made a mistake in the title of the previous post. It’s “living the dangerous life and not leaving.

She claims it’s because she didn’t have her coffee yet when she typed the message I dictated. But then us cats are unjustly accused of bad grammar.

Humans make the mistakes, not cats. Cats are perfect.

There, I said it.


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Leaving the dangerous life

Yesterday, there was a huge noise outside, in the garden. It happened suddenly. Crash!

A big branch from one of the trees next to our house fell from the tree (there was some wind, true, but I think the tree is partially rotten where it broke). Thank Ceiling Cat none of us furry bro or furry humans where under the branch when it fell! I was actually inside the home but my brothers were outside.

Well, the good thing is, we have a new, real life, giant cat tree in the garden to play on!

Let’s go play!

Wow… looks like the tree was indeed rotten inside…

Let’s explore!

Let’s see what Milou is doing…

Exploring too!

Nice place to hide too!

Now let’s play! If you’ll excuse me…

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Geez! Milou!

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How many times should we tell humans that we are smart. Smarter than them, actually.

This cat is a crafty one in order to find a solution to cross a river without getting wet. When her master [sic] offers her to cross the river using a beam, she complies. But when she sees a puddle, she wants to stop and go back. Yet her master [sic] insists and even pushes her.

Desperate, the cat starts walking on the edges of the beam so that her paws won’t get wet.

The article goes on to say that the human actually wanted the cat to get wet, so it was a trap! Not too smart, human!
But our furriend makes it to the other side without getting wet. Good for you buddy!

Here‘s the video.

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Who let the bird out?

That might as well have been an angry bird, I will never know! Who ate the bird?

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Paws bath

Grouik has been going Ceiling Cat knows where and came back home with his paws a little – ahem – dirty.

So our humans got that crazy idea to book a grooming session at PetCo for him. They think we don’t understand what they say – well, my human thinks I understand – but we do! Come the day of the grooming session, Grouik left only to come back late in the day ;-)

So they decided to wash his paws themselves…

Grouik wasn’t happy and ended up all wet! Gotta take care of my paws for fear they’ll do the same to me.


They bought cat shampoo.


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It’s not clear how the feline was able to gain so much weight in just two years. Adult cats typically weigh between seven and 12 pounds.

“If you go online, you’ll see a lot of fat cats and these are people who have fed them just one thing, like meat or something that’s not nutritionally balanced,” Swan said. “Then the cat refuses to eat anything else and then they just get fatter and fatter and fatter.”

Here is the entire article. Hang on furriend!

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Massages for cats

I want one like that too!

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Busy, organized, rainy Sunday

Sundays are all about getting organized and then relaxing. Especially when it’s raining outside. Well, you know what, dear furreaders? Our humans could learn a lesson or two from us!

Bed organization? Check. Napping? Check.

This is me in Grouik’s bed.

This is Grouik in Milou’s bed.

This is Milou in the humans’ bed (notice that humans kept the biggest bed for themselves!).

Life could be so simple, if only humans were willing to give it a try!

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I feel the urge to share this video of Henry:

As well as the second one (h/t: Vi):

Sometimes humans are just not listening and just not paying attention. For example, my human, I like her very much. But why didn’t she already figure out that I prefer fish or chicken to beef, and that there should be more sauce than food in what she calls ***wet*** food. I love sauce.

Also, why can’t I go out at night? I’m 6, I’m not a kitten anymore. I can’t see in the dark (something my human cannot do) and I can hear cars too.

Ah well, humans just have a hard time understanding the complicated life us cats have.
I hope Henri feels better soon. Thanks Henri for sharing your philosophical way of seeing life.

Gonna go take a nap on the deck…

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And Janina :-) for mentioning my birthday!

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Sorry furiends, I know it’s been quite a while since I last wrote but with the sun and the spring I was out all day and sleeping the rest of the time ;-)

So today is my birthday! I am 6. My human says I’m almost a grown-up now. Maybe she will let me go out at night like my half-brothers? She’d better! I’ll keep on sneaking out when she opens the door otherwise ;-)

Thanks to Janina for her wishes! Thanks to Catster too (gotta spend more time on Catster!) et happy birthday to my 1,649 (!) furiends with the same birth date as mine :-)

Gotta go play now! Purrs…

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