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It’s my half-bro birthday! He’s 14 today!

Happy Birthday, Grouik! Hope you have a lot of catnip!

Here is a video of Grouik shot in Europe.

Grouik in his nest on Vimeo.


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Oh! He looks like my brother Grouik – although younger.

What? Teddy bears can be scary to a young kitty.

Hat tip: Janina

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Let’s start with a video:

Us cats are kind of picky regarding our food. It should smell good. It should taste good, of course. And we like some variety. Humans (usually) eat different meals everytime they eat so why wouldn’t we? So don’t be surprised if we sometimes adventure on the table to taste your food. You should actually be honored because you eat some strange food sometimes (who can even get close to smelling this? I mean yuck!)

My human loves to cook. She cooks cakes for her human… and treats for Grouik, Milou and I too! I already mentioned a recipe before. As posted, I think that’s a really nice attention from our humans to cook for us.

My human is currently reading a book titled “The Natural Pet Food Cookbook“.

She was reading it on the sofa the other night and I was looking at it from time to time. It looked like the book was full of info on our needs in terms of proteins, carbs, vitamins and stuff like that. My only critical point would be that the book is divided into a section for cats and another for dogs and, well, let’s concentrate on cats ;-)

Here is a recipe from the book that my human baked for us: Champion Cat Turkey Kibble

For some reason, humans appear to enjoy taking pictures of everything (us especially) including food. I say why take pics of food when you can eat it instead? Anyway, here are a couple of pics my human took of the baking process and of the finished kibbles (let’s be nice to our humans and let them add to the editorial content of our blogs from time to time).

First you gotta mix the ingredients:

Mix, mix, mix

Add the turkey

Then my human did several actions that made noise and prevented me from completing a well-deserved nap… and when I checked next, the dough was ready and they were creating the kibbles with her human. Milou noticed, too and was very much interested!

To the oven the tons of kibbles went… smelled bonito fish… and tada! Des croquettes !

For some reason she left them in the oven all night (I think my human is a little lazy sometimes). And today was the day to taste them.



Ok… now furiends, don’t get me wrong, it was nice of my human to bake something for me, err, us. But if she would have consulted me, err us, first, I would have let her know that I prefer food with sauce or gravy. Sorry, but I’m not exactly a fan :-/

They are not bad though, I will try some more later. And I’m sure Milou will eat them anyway ;-)

My human promised to try other recipes :-) Maybe next time she won’t bake like there are 10 Milous in the family though!

Check the book for plenty of other recipes for your furiends. Don’t be too disappointed if your furiend doesn’t like the first one. We’re all different with different foods we like, just like humans, so try again!

And don’t forget to add catnip!

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I love classical music. Today, I want to listen to some Rachmaninoff :-)

My human is working next to me… Soothing music… So relaxing…


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And now Grouik is sleeping in Milou’s bed.

How it all began: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

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Milou’s dance

Grooming dance, that is ;-)

Cat Grooming Dance on Vimeo.

At the time, Milou and Grouik were living at a friend’s house, because their human, my human’s husband, could not have them in his apartment. And they were glad to have a garden. Anyway, all this to say that you might notice that Milou is missing some hair on the lower stomach. That’s because the path to the house was paved and Milou was a little, ahem, bigger at the time than now. Well the hair grew back with the loss of weight ;-)

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Water and cats

I was surprised to learn that some cats can and seem to like to swim. That is apparently the case of the Turkish Van (note to humans: yeah, that’s a cat, not a transportation means!).

As far as I’m concerned, I don’t like water, except to drink it. No surprise here. What I like though is to watch it flow… and try to catch it! If possible without getting wet ;-)

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