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A couple of days ago my human and I were very excited to learn that a French animated film had been nominated for the Oscars. Not because it was French, but because it appeared to be about a cat. A Cat in Paris! (For those that don’t know me very well yet, I used to be “A Cat in Paris” until I moved to NY with my human, human’s husband and two half-brothers, to become “A Cat in New York”. My Facebook page is still called “A Cat in Paris” because I can’t change its name)

The animated feature film is called “Une vie de Chat” in French which means “A cat’s life,” although they gave it the English title “A Cat in Paris.”

My human managed to get a copy and we watched it.

Spoiler: The story is about a little girl whose father was killed by a famous gangster. Her cat leaves her at night to spend time with a theft and accompany him during his burglaries. When the little girl gets into trouble, the cat and the theft come to the rescue.

I won’t tell you more, except that my human and I were disappointed that with such a title, the film wasn’t that much about the cat, much more about the little girl and the theft, which is okay, only we were expecting more about, well, the cat’s life.

Anyway, we wish them luck for tonight!

Here is an article in French about the film : “Une vie de chat : la surprise française des Oscars”


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Bed sharing

Ah-ha! See what it is Grouik when someone’s sleeping in your bed? You have to sleep in the humans’ dirty laundry!

I hope you learnt your lesson, Grouik.

Next: Milou ;-)

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