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My human and her husband just watched the last episode of My Cat from Hell (more on this later) and now my human is all crazy about this ad:

Well well, let’s test this litter first (come on, I remember this all natural, organic, woody-something, I-don’t-know-what-else-it-was-or-wasn’t litter that just didn’t feel like litter, even my half brothers didn’t want to use it! And no, I still don’t care that you had a free trial, thankyouverymuch!), then we’ll see about massages.

Ah, humans! They’d do anything to have us please them. They just don’t get it the world is going the other way around.


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You’re going to love this! Well, especially if you’re a human.

Here is my human’s favorite. Well, so far ;-)

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Sparkle has a very interesting post about presidential kitties.

She also shares a very smart idea concerning public officials’ training and cats

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