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I was nice. My half-brother was naughty. Naughty-naughty.

Santa Paws came and brought me cool gifts:

A new bed

A noisy little red bag

A couple of toys

And treats (er, sorry no pics here, ahem).

But I have questions about Santa Paws, more and more questions every year.

First my human spent all Friday, Dec. 23 looking outside, repeating “when is Fedex going to deliver Texas’ gift?” What Fedex is, she wouldn’t say. Is it some kind of translation for Santa Paws in human?

Then around 7 pm, when my human was having dinner with her male human, there was a bright light on the deck, clearly visible because it was dark outside. Then a loud knock on the door. Humans are noisy, aren’t they? My human ran to the door. I heard “UPS”, she said thanks and came back inside with a huge box saying “Look Texas, Santa Paws came for you”. But Friday was only Dec. 23. Hmmm.

She went back to dinner and left the box unattended. I repeat she said: “Look Texas, Santa Paws came for you.” What was I supposed to understand? So what did I do?

I opened the box! And there was a big comfy plastic bag with something brown inside. My human ran to me saying “no no no, you can’t open it! Awww… he opened it! What a clever little kitty!” You bet I’m clever. Like there was anything difficult in opening a box. She continued: “well well, I guess I can give you the present Santa brought to you now, since you saw it!” And here came the bed.

See, humans can be curious creatures. Sometimes I wonder whether they wouldn’t tend to react to some kind of reverse, reverse psychology with us. Which is not exactly clever. They claim they want us to be nice. But they “aww” us when we misbehave. They should know cats do exactly what they want to do. Humans aren’t as smart as we are. But I digress. Reverse psychology so. Sparkle’s post here tends to confirm my thoughts.

Anyway, my human was all happy because I opened the box and I was happy because… I had a brand new box, er, bed and lots of wrapping paper.

I was happy until Milou, one of my half-brothers, seized the occasion that I was enjoying all the cool things of Christmas (mainly wrapping paper) to steal my new bed!

My human bravely tried to take him out. Her male human wanted him to stay in. Pfft, Milou is ALWAYS stealing my stuff. See?

But in the spirit of Christmas, and to please our humans, Milou and I decided to make a truce. If only for a couple of hours ;-)

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Santa Paws didn’t forget you!



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