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My list to Santa Paws

My human likes to surf the Internet. These days she has been looking for presents for Christmas for her human, my brothers and I.

I was actually quite glad to learn that we, cats, were not excluded from Christmas and marketers’ targets. Unfortunately, I saw the best of goodies for us cats as well as the worst (like this – a no-no for me). Well, the same goes for humans, by the way.

So here’s my top five to Santa Paws… and my human (Come on! I’m 5! I know my human helps Santa Paws do his shopping!)

  1. A new bed (those ones look comfortable)
  2. Thrill treats – plenty!
  3. A Thermo Blanket
  4. Cat toy catnip Yule log, or one of these catnip toys
  5. A subscription to Cat Fancy Magazine

What is your list for Santa?


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